Sachin Patil

My good wishes will always be with your centre, staff and the doctor. Such a nice environment the centre has. We get positive vibes just by entering the centre and interacting with the staff. I came here for my endoscopy. The doctor is very humble and gentle. He listens to the problem and advices tests only when needed. I have recommended this centre to one of my friends also. He too had a similar opinion regarding the same. I wish the centre and the doctor that they continue this noble service in the same manner for years to come . Thank u so much

Tomb Raider

Highly recommended doctor for gastrointestinal problems Dr Amit is very understanding and cooperative, he gives importance to patience experience and listens to them calmly. He has a very optimistic approach towards patients, which helps them overcome their problems. The management staff is also very supportive and helpful. I personally feel very good, post seeking his consultation.Wish him luck for his future career.

Snehal Chikane

Dr. Amit Gharat is best gastoentrologist. I was consult him in opd. He is very soft spoken. His treatment is very good. He is having very much experienced. I have also consult my mother for gastric issues. We very much thank to Dr. Amit Gharat and his team to feel us like family member. My mother is fine now. I highly recommend this doctor for best treatment and friendly environment. Thank you so much Dr. Amit.

Manish Daki

Best doctor for stomach problem. Dr Amit gharat has been treating me and I am very much happy with the treatment. I want to tell evryone to pls visit Dr Amit instead of going here and there for your stomach issues. The staff inaashi diagnostic is also considerate.They make you comfortable and feel at home . Thank u


Dr Gharat performed my OGD scopy at Apollo yesterday very skillfully and without much discomfort. We are grateful to Dr Gharat his valuable advice. We are also thankful to staff in Endoscopy dept of Apollo

kiran salunkhe

Nice experience Good and co-operative staff Dr Amit Gharat is best endoscopic doctor i experienced. Endoscopy done well and smoothly ,painless Highly recommend.

Ramzaan Ansari

Good experience. I came aashi endoscopy centre for endoscopy. Dr amit gharat did the process very nicely and explained the report . Staff is also good and cooperative.t Thank you.

Nirmala Budhathoki

Dr. Amir Bharat done my endoscopy. He is very good and humble spoken person. I am feeling good now. I highly recommend this doctor.

Patil Ramkrishna

Dr Amit Gharat is best endoscopic doctor. He done colonoscopy of mine. He is very good and polite doctor.

Mukesh Gharat

Got my endoscopy done at aashi diagnostic centre. Had very good experience. aashi centre staff is very good. Dr Amit Gharat explained me very well about condition.

Satinath Das

Dr Amit Gharat is best gastro doctor. He done my daughter's scooty. He is very good and very kind.

Suresh Shah

One of the best gastro doctor in panvel. Very quiet polite and cooperative is dr Amit sir.I strongly recommend him.Thank you sir.


One of the best gastro doctor. Dr Amit gharat is very polite and good doctor. Staff is also cooperative and good.thank you sir.

umesh kurne

Dr.Amit Gharat is Very caring and supportive doctor he understands your problem silently and gives exact doses and advises .must visit Dr. Amit gharat

Kgn Nawaz

I had opd consultation with Dr Amit. He is good. Aashi centre staff is very polite.


Dr Amit Gharat is best gastroenterology. He done my mother in law's scope. He is very polite and experienced doctor.

Priyanka Jadhav

Dr Amit gharat is good doctor and explaiation about disease conditions was good .and staff good behaviour

Santosh Shinde

Dr amit gharat Is very good He explained me my stomach problem very nicely. Thank you sir.

Rajshree Desai

Dr Amit Gharat is best doctor gastroenterologist. I have done my endoscopy by Dr. Amit gharat. He has very good experience.

pooja paswan

Dr Amit Gharat best doctor for gastric. He done my father's treatment. He is very experienced doctor.

Prabhakar Behera

Good experience. dr amit gharat sir is very good,polite .thank you.

Ankush Salekar

Dr Amit Gharat is best and experience doctor. I was admit under him. His treatment is good.

Revathi Nair

Good experience. My Endoscopy done by dr Amit Gharat .nice thanks.

Narendra kumar

Doctor Amit Gharat is famous gastroenterologist in Navi Mumbai Previously my son Amit got a best solution by Amit Gharat Now I got endoscopy on 24.05.23 at Mitr hospital, as suggested by doctor He is indeed a best doctor His behaviour and attitude are excellent


Dr Amit gharat is the best doctor for gastric disease and endoscopy procedure. I visited him for my stomach related problem doctor spend good amount of time in asking me details and made a diagnosis I was advise endoscopy to confirm the diagnosis and treat accordingly. Now my problem has been resolved thank you doctor. I highly recommended Dr Amit Gharat for gastric issue.

Thomas Anandam

Got the treatment done with Dr Amit Gharat. Very efficient doctor and staff. Very good experience. I would highly recommend them.

Amruta Borade

Doctor is very nice.accurate medicine given.very good effect on first visit thank you sir

Sanjay Jeswal

Dr Amit Gharat is best gastro doctor. He done my treatment. He is very polite doctor.

Kiran Patil

Dr. Amit Gharat best doctor for gastro. He done my endoscopy. He is experienced doctor.

veerabhadru amgothu

Doctor had responded very nicely and very experienced doctor Dr.Amit Gharat

Narendra Kadam

Dr Amit Gharat is very polite, soft spoken and knowledgeable Gastroenterologist in Navi mumbai. His knowledge and communication skills are beyond comparison. He explains everything in very understanding manner. His approach towards patients is very unique, most important thing is that he mala his patient comfortable. I wish him all the best in his practice and personal life. Thanks.

Manisha Singh

Nice atmosphere and good diagnosis done by the doctor....nice well mannered staff.... overall good experience

Vinod Shinde

Thank you DrAmitGharat for patiently listening and giving treatment in a comforting way. When recently we see many doctors rushing to complete opds, Dr Gharat seems to care more and give gentle listening to all our ailments

Atharva Patil

Dr Amit is best Gastroenterologist. He is very experienced and very co operative. I am very much thankful for treatment also satff are well experienced and very much co operative. Centre is aslo well maintained

Vidya Sandipog

Dr. Amit Gharat is best doctor for gastroenterologist. I have severe acidity problem. He has excellent knowledge and very soft spoken doctor. His treatment is also very good.

Shubhangi Kapse

Good experience explain very clear about your problem and treat very properly and guide very proper way.

saurabh bagul

Best doctor dr Amit Gharat for gastric and liver issue. Well knowledge and very good experience.

Uday Deshmukh

Best doctor for Gastric is Dr. Amit Gharat. He also expert in endoscopy and liver related issue. He is very experienced doctor.

Sanjay Jadhav

Dr Amit Gharat is best gastroenterology. He done my endoscopy. He explained very well and guided us properly.

Roshan Raut

Very good treatment and nice staff care in aashi clinic


I have issue of digestion. Dr. Amit gharat treated me. He is having very good experience. He done my scopy.

Shreekanth Dhari

Good and quick service . Clean and neat hospital . Good Doctor & cooperative Staff

Shreekanth Dhari

Good and quick service . Clean and neat hospital . Good Doctor & cooperative Staff

Kalpesh Dutte

Polite Behaviour of the staff and best in the class doctor.

Jaywant Mane

Best doctor for gastric issue. He done the endoscopy with reasonable charges. He explained about the problem so well.

Roshan Raut

Very good treatment and nice staff care in aashi clinic

Jeevan Arekar

My wife came in pain. Dr. Amit Gharat treated my wife. He is having excellent knowledge and experience.

nadim divde

Dr Amit very friendly doctor, he explained in detail and subject knowledge expert

pravin gaikwad

Good doctor for stomach problem.He solved my problem in first consultation visit.nice.thank you doctor.go for it.